So I thought I might post up some of my thoughts, maybe this will be carthartic. Maybe it will, as the name suggests, simply track my mental state until one day I finally decide to end it all and escape this life.

Not that I expect anyone to ever read this.

Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Do you like dags?

Oh you mean DOGS? Yeah I like dogs.

Just got back from a trip to melbourne to see blind guardian (german heavy metal band) and we were staying at a friend of a friends place.  He had a dog there and I have forgotten just how much I enjoy playing with and being around dogs in general.

When I was playing with him I really did forget my problems and cheer up for a while.  I guess it is that innocent, unquestioning loyalty and friendliness that they exude that does it.  My housemate pays me out for it but I am a retard around dogs I just have such an affinity for them which is probably unsurprising given I'm a furry.

I really wish I could get a dog but unfortunatly my landlord wont let me and there aren't many places around here that do allow pets.  This sucks I want a dog.

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